The Moving Gallery

‘Moving Gallery’ competition entry, 2006.

This competition design for a street canopy in Portsmouth is a high level tubular space-frame skewered by discs of various materials, translucent and opaque, reflective and matt, painting and images, some created by the local community

Many of the discs open and close slowly in reaction to the level of light throughout the day, and others spin in response to the wind. Photovoltaic discs, as part of the disc-mosaic, provide the power source for this transformation, creating an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour and shadows in the skies above and on the streetscape below.

The local community is involved by running a series of consultations and workshops introducing the project, canvassing ideas and inviting local adults and children to submit paintings and designs for some of the discs. Making this project will be a source of local pride and instill a real sense of ownership. This is their project for their city.

This project was run with Portsmouth City Council