Light Rain

‘Light Rain’ Market Way Light Display scheme, Portsmouth, 2009.

A shower of light greets motorists as they enter the centre of Portsmouth. Like gentle fireworks, a wave of light passes through the LED strips. All the strips are randomly timed and as a whole seem to produce a rain of soft light….

A welcoming sign on the roundabout leaves no doubt where we are and the pride the city takes in itself. Murals and simple artistic statements around the site reclaim the disused areas as positive community statements.

Market way as it is now is an anonymous roundabout with nothing to let you know you are at the heart of a major city. Disused shops signal decay and neglect. It could be that twilight heralds the start of the light display as the ‘rain’ mingles with the dusk – an exciting start to the night in Portsmouth.

A similar project has met with great success in Caen – a precedent which allows us confidence in the technology and viability of the project.

A Deer Park Alpha project.