DDay70 Sculpture


‘Five Beaches’  sculpture, 2014.
Stone, Steel and Concrete

This sculpture was created in collaboration with Deer Park Alpha to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the
D-Day Landings in northern France.

Five cubes of Caen stone have been transported from Normandy to Portsmouth and represent the five beaches of the D-Day landings, known by their code names as Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah. The cubes sit on a 4.8 x 1.28 metre mirrored stainless steel surface which represents the journey over the water to France. The top surface of each stone cube is inscribed with a line which is symbolic of the Normandy coastline, broken by the attack of the allied forces as they pass through the beaches and onward inland towards the liberation of the Continent. The stones are laid out with Sword being nearest the road and Utah nearest the Museum.

This piece was commissioned by Portsmouth City Council.

Five Beaches

Photo by Paul Gonella of Strong Island

Photo by Paul Gonella of Strong Island