Carpark Relaunch

This Deer Park Alpha project follows on the long term cancellation of the Northen Quarter development in central Portsmouth. A poor piece of outdoor mall development. We are glad to see the back of it. We have developed a new project that replans the car park, which is rarely anywhere near full. We would like to challenge mega-block city planning. We want to show how the streets in this area were once small scale and connected to the rest of the city.

Our proposal is a people-led DIY project that through art, history and memories utilizes an under used part of the city. It will be a testing ground for future development through long term community involvement.

It will promote Portsmouth as a place capitalizing on the Credit Crunch, and enable people to decide and influenece how their city will look and feel in the future.

The project overlays history and asks people to consider how their city has changed and could continue to change. If offers a way of looking to the past whilst looking to the future and demonstrates how post-war planning and continued big retail led inner city development is not the way to go for a city that wants to develop community spirit, connect people, enable local business to prosper and make a diverse and engaging place.