The Big Draw

The Floor Drawing, The Big Draw ’08, John Pounds Centre, Portsmouth.
10m x 10m

A 10 by 10 metre area of the floor of the John Pounds Centre sports hall was covered in card and taped together to create a large white, blank canvas. Firstly we drew a ‘planet’ (- a large circle!) within which that group were to draw. Secondly the group drew blocks of buildings and created the city and town. This part was to promote visual and mental awareness of the spaces of our towns and cities which we can appreciate when we take our time.

When our ‘planet’ was filled with buildings the group each took coloured pens taped to sticks and walked around the streets (i.e. gaps between the buildings) of the city we had drawn and left the traces of where we had been in the form of coloured lines. Sometimes we skateboarded around our town , other times we sat on the back of a bicycle and trailed our lines behind us.

The next group came in and the whole process was repeated until we had some 5 or 6 planets all connected by the coloured lines we had made by walking, cycling and skateboarding.

This project was funded by Community Housing, Corporate Initiatives, Portsmouth City Council. The project co-ordinator was Jeannie Driver.