Bay House School – ‘Earthquake!’

A Deer Park Alpha project.

In a continued relationship with Bay House School in Hampshire we worked with the Geography department to design and run a series of lessons that enabled students to learn about the design of earthquake proof buildings.

We involved staff and students in the initial planning and together produced lessons that enabled the students to discover by themselves the four basic principles and then employ them in the design of an earthquake proof structure. The structures were tested on a seismic shaker and prices given to the team who designed a structure that not only stood up the longest, but was the tallest and the most elegant.

The project was a great success and we are working with the school again this year to roll the lessons out to a wider a group.

“It was a really successful project and this was principally down to your careful planning and superb contributions in the classroom.
I really welcomed your refreshing approach to include pupils in the co construction their learning. Their responses made me realise this is something that we should be doing more of this as a department.
I was also really impressed by the professionalism of your approach. You were always where you said you would be which was really reassuring. Your enthusiasm was deep knowledge of architecture was infectious and feedback from pupils was really positive.”

Moira Duffy,
Head of Geography