University of Southampton Design Show 2016
Contemporary House Door and Staircase
University of Southampton Design Show 2015
Illustrious Conference Centre Poster
DDay70 Sculpture
Planning Photomontage
The Foyer Poster Workshops
Suitcase 1938
Poppies & Tides
Digital Art Workshops
Guildhall Cafe
Marketing Brochure
City Surfers Website
Urban Story Book
The Portsmouth Foyer Colour Scheme
Bill Todd & Danny Lancaster Website
City Photography Website
Somerstown Adventure Playground
Broadlaw Walk Entrance Sculpture
Tricorn Greenery
Bournemouth Pavilion Remodelling
The Partnership Bike Rack
Portsmouth City Logo
Pop- Up Shops
Fish Tessellation
Virtual Barnet Newman
Carpark Relaunch
Know Your Place!
Hot Walls Cafe
Dover Pride
Battleship Tiling
Balloon Platform
Celebrity Selection
Dignity 3000
Running Man
The Moving Gallery
Art Course Flyer
The Route Signs
Light Rain
The Big Draw
Royal Naval Club Bar
The Route
Architecture Trophy